Post Dramatic Irony #1: MAD

December 7, 2009

IT is every child’s dream to live a double life. To meld glamor and passion. Superhero/sportscaster. Journalist/celebrity. CEO/starving artist.

But what ends up happening is we have to compromise. And compartmentalize. And before we know it we’re leading normal lives and abnormal lives congruently; yet often without a hint of that glamor.

What would happen if we just gave in to both sides? Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). Our double lives are so easily combustible.

And here is the first of the post-dramatic ironies: self-actualization is no longer a virtue.  To sustain one’s ‘whole’ person is no longer a serious ambition. But the beauty of this freedom is that we can in fact experience our fractured uniqueness manifest itself in marginalized social networks.